Sewer Invasion

Sewer Invasion b7

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Sewer Invasion b7

MvM sewer Invasion map

It's an under ground MvM map where robots spawn out of a broken pipe that is under construction. Each wave randomly picks one of four paths for the bomb carrier to take. It includes a couple of death pits, as well as supports locations for robot engineers to setup their teleports and sentry guns.

download incudes the bsp, nav, and pop files for the normal map as well as the Halloween version.

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Mann Vs. Machine

Latest reviews

I'm not sure what gives this map it's unique charm, but it's always been a fun map everytime i've played on it.
There's so much space for movement, with enough corners and flanks for engineers, pyros & spies.

It's large which allows harder waves to be played and it's a classic.

I looked for the event version of this map but it seems like it comes in the same download so i'll update my review here; but the event version is wonderful too.

Hunting around, going to the underworld portal, the rare spellbook & fighting halloween bosses to go to their loot island feels like fantastic minigames while still staying inside of the MvM gamespace.
Everytime people hear the underworld portal open they rush into to hope to be the first one in, and there's usually at least one person looking at the rare spellbook spawn at any given time.

It's really refreshing having these "minigames" of sorts to play around in and makes for an excellent event map. Encapsulating what, in my opinion, ghosttown could've been
im adding it to my server
Awesome map!
great map!