Sequoia RC4

MvM Shortcut gate map

  1. Freyja
    Entry to the Mapper's vs Machines contest

    A basic MvM map with a gate that the robots can capture - if they do it cuts their path signifiantly and gives them a quicker shortcut to the bomb hatch.
    And watch out! Tanks will instantly capture the gate so sure to be on top of them.


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Recent Reviews

  1. g00dDog
    Version: RC4
    My friends and I have been playing and testing maps for 10 years. One of my friends created a server just for us ( and you randoms who have stayed with us nearly 12 years now). This is a beautiful, completely well textured ( but a couple of custom bot textures), and an engaging challenge. At times, it gets a bit too cluttered with obstacles, especially when it comes down to their final approach. I understand the difficulties balancing bots against a small team of people, and the last wave is populated too heavy against a small MvM team of Players. It doesn't usually end well, but e have beat this with some lucky timing, but the bots create too much lag to gain an advantage. Some people just don't consider cutting back on too many medics or overpowered bots- the one weak point in this otherwise engaging map. We test maps. We train players and share strategies on our [un-named] server. We've been going 12 years strong, and we aren't vatican city or Potato bullies and snobs. we play like a team. Trust me. Good map...mostly.