Sbeve A2

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Feedback gathered from OZ and US pugs on TESTCO.TF

-Cap time changes:
  • Last: 2 -> 4; Was commonly brute-forced for cap, too easy
  • Second: 7 -> 6; Assist defending team with recaps slightly
  • Mid: 10 -> 8; Encourage being on point by not having to cap as long
-Added net thing off sides of mid bridge to better shield players under bridge from players overhead, as well as give a jump route from side buildings
-Added small healths under point as mid was lacking health
-Removed middlemost doorway into mid and made immediate preceding doorway larger
-Shifted mid/second chokes over + added wooden thing to block disgusting sightlines
-Replaced dropdown into second with simple balcony
-Adjusted rightmost room into last to block sightlines better
-Added computer rack to leftmost entrance to last also to block sightlines
-Removed extra hallway in secret
-Removed extra hallway around last shutter
-Added various means of seeing into other rooms to reduce hiding/OP flanks (windows, grates, etc)
-Reduced or outright removed several packs around the map
-Fixed clipping and rendering issues
-idk what else lol

-Keep a close eye on lower exit from last spawn; adjust if needed to nerf engineers and demos
-Find opportunities to shrink map where needed (I measured, and the map is actually both not as long and not as wide as Granary, though that's not saying much; still feels too big in many places)