Saw Manor (Sawmill Event) V2

Spooky Sawmill that didn't get added to Scream Fortress VII.

  1. FazerGS
    updatedicon.png 2015-10-29_00004.jpg 2015-10-29_00006.jpg 2015-10-29_00007.jpg 2015-10-29_00010.jpg 2015-10-29_00011 - Copy.jpg 2015-10-29_00012.jpg 2015-10-29_00013.jpg 2015-10-29_00016.jpg Note: I uploaded this to the Steam Workshop a few weeks ago hoping it would get added to the new Scream Fortress update. Needless to say, it didn't make it That was V1. V2 is done and with my luck, I uploaded it that day the Scream Fortress VII was released. You can see the workshop page here:
    Even though the spooks may be over, it doesn't mean you can enjoy my map.

    Also, please don't compare my map to Goremill_event, especially after one of the devs of that map trash-talked my map for attention. (You know who you are).

    Pumpkins everywhere!
    Creepy decor!
    A graveyard!
    2 Portals
    A pit below the point!
    Raise the dead with every capture...

    -The hellish pit seen in maps such as Ghost Fort and Helltower returns, lurking beneath your feet on the Control Point. It sits waiting for one small misstep to plunge you to your doom and teleport your lifeless corpse through the gaping mouth of the Skull Waterfall.

    -The Contol Point has the power of reanimation and spawns Skeletons upon capture of either team. The skeletons spawn in the Graveyard and rise from beneath the waters by the waterfall.

    Enjoy! MWHAHAHAHA!
    2015-10-29_00016.jpg 2015-10-29_00013.jpg 2015-10-29_00012.jpg 2015-10-29_00011 - Copy.jpg 2015-10-29_00010.jpg 2015-10-29_00007.jpg