Rocket Ravine

Rocket Ravine b6

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Releasing a small update today. Only a few changes to the world, mostly bug fixes and a small layout change to add a stairwell by point D. Main addition is a full nav mesh for built-in bot support.

Full changelog from pl_rocketravine_b5 to b6
*1. Added bot support will full nav mesh.
*2. Fixed door on upper level of BLU's second spawn, which wouldn't unlock until BLU made it up the hill. This now unlocks with the spawn room as it should.
*3. Added some more player clips to potentially "sticky" geometry.
*4. Added a stairwell & metal/health room nearby D for easier access to platforms from the control point area.
*5. Removed one of the ladders near D that was kind of in the way.
*6. Moved a few props around.
*7. To reduce fall damage, added an opening in the railing in the balcony that the shorter set of tubes leads to after point C.
*8. Split up the large metal/ammo box by point D into two medium ones, one outside and around the corner and one inside the stairwell sideroom.
Small update to address some bug fixes and a few optimization issues.

Full Changelog:

*Removed excess path tracks (107) to reduce edict count. Should solve edict overload on full 32 player server at or towards end of game.
*Added Ladder by Point D, going to platform towards point E, moved a few crate props around.
*Added a few signs & lights
*Removed glass next to platform above track just before point E (the glass in between that and the side hallway on the right) to provide a vulnerability to the sentry locations there. Added a few lights here to make it more visible and less easy to overlook.
*Changed spawn doors for BLU's first base, which also now unlock after 10 seconds of map start to prevent people from accidentally walking into the pit before the bridge is fully extended.
*Reduced Red's spawn time to 0 while defending point C to accommodate the travel time and C's proximity to B.
*Removed two buggy lights that were left outside the map accidentally. *Added a few clips to areas where small bits of prop/world geometry collision stuck out of wall.
*Fixed a few mismatched resupply regions/cabinet props.