ro3md a3a

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Minor update for minor contest since I don't think I'll have time to finish all the major changes I want to do by the deadline

- Removed set-up gates in Blu's first building at A
- Added instant respawn for Red when A is capped
- Added a one-way door near Blu's upper flank to C, preventing them from going in front of Red's spawn
- Reduced C cap time from 25 -> 20 seconds
- Added ammo and extra cover for Red at C
- Adjusted respawn times
- Non solidified some signs
- Repacked, didn't realise a3 got so big

Currently working on extending the space between Blu spawn and A, and redesigning C.
- Opened up some of the walls around A.
- Moved the stairs/railings leading to upper level behind A.
- Added set-up gates to Blu's first building at A. Trying to move the fights out of this building and into the area before/around the point. Not sure about this change. A is probably going to be too easy to cap.
- Turned window to side of A into two-way
- Fixed moving conveyor belt texture (credit: Pocket)


- Gave Red more height advantage on B, also makes this room less flat overall. Trying to make it easier to defend with only a few players since Red are always going to be split between defending both B and C.


- Added a dropdown from Red>Blu side in the main connector room and a door that is unlocked with B. This gives more incentive to capture B since the main shutter and high catwalk into C is inaccessible for Blu before B is capped.
- Extra signs in this area, particularly for Reds defending C to get back to A or B.


- C point is now two layered. The lower level unlocks when B is capped.
- Made the jump near the rock up to Red's far sniper deck easier.
- Increased Blu's spawnwave time to get more people spawning together and walking to C together.
- Shrunk Red's back spawn.
- Fixed func_respawn room missing in one corner of Red's back spawn.
- Fixed teleport point being too close to ground.
- Lowered C capture time from 30s > 25s.


- More signs.
- More lighting,
- Various health/ammo adjustments.

Thinking about totally scrapping the entire C area for something new. Still thinking about moving Blu's forward spawn into frog cave. Still thinking about moving Blu's starting spawn into the main building, and extending the area between spawn and A.
Major changes:
- Cut some of the intermediate area between A and B
- Simplified link between Red spawn/B/C
- Adjusted routes into C to make them more connected and less isolated from each other
- Extra platform for red overlooking C in place of the second exit onto the point.
- Moved C to below the platform
- More signs
- Changed environment lighting settings to lower overall brightness

Other changes:
- Rearranged Red's forward spawn to better direct players to both A and C
- Various health/ammo changes. Most notably added medium health kit at dropdown from A > C to make this route more useful after the spawns have changed.
- Lowered B cap time
- Added shutter door to cover Red's spawn exit to B after it's locked
- Added dynamic blackboards to spawns (ty 14bit for uploading steel's textures)
- Scattered more props around to help make areas more recognisable
- Added welcome point

Thinking about for future updates:
- Moving Blu's forward spawn to be in the cave next to B
- Some dynamic element to C to give a more obvious advantage to capping A or B before C. At the moment it's just doors unlocking and a forward spawn
- Move Blu spawn into the main first building into A, then push A point back?
- Turn the route from Red backspawn > B into a dropdown