Riviera A4

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Riviera A4

Bridges, buildings, and water.

Finishing up Frontline assets somewhat reinvigorated my mapping gusto.
Somewhat of an unoffical 72hr map as I couldn't wait on working on it.

3CP in a sort of vaguely european town setting.

Made using a bunch of Frontline assets, of course.
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Latest updates

  1. Clocktower

    Updated to A4 - Completely rebuilt last point - Closed off one side route which made flanking too easy - Removed a higher route to mid - Scaled down and rerouted interiors by mid - Added more cover to mid - Scaled down all control points - Added...
  2. Tweakage

    Updated to A3 - Brightened sniper racks - Rerouted staircase by final cp - Increased water depth - Added secondary submerged route to mid - Tweaked respawn and cap times - Tweaked health and ammo locations - Made it easier to get out of water in...
  3. Squooshed.

    Updated to A2 - - Squished entire map to reduce run times by around 6+ seconds - Spawn layout changed to discourage snipers - Rerouted interiors by centre CP - Various sightline fixes - Redesigned rear of final CPs - Spawntime adjustments -...