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  1. kelpto18505
    Version: B81 TWO
    map i real play on pub it look like it can be in tf2 timeline
  2. John_Galt_1957
    Version: May 2020
    the game type library made it worth the download.
  3. Box Of Paper
    Box Of Paper
    Version: 0.8
    This is incredible!
    Seriously, good job, this was a really fun experience and I'm praising everything.
    1. sharktemplar
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the interest, I'm glad it was a fun little ride for you!
  4. g00dDog
    Version: RC4
    My friends and I have been playing and testing maps for 10 years. One of my friends created a server just for us ( and you randoms who have stayed with us nearly 12 years now). This is a beautiful, completely well textured ( but a couple of custom bot textures), and an engaging challenge. At times, it gets a bit too cluttered with obstacles, especially when it comes down to their final approach. I understand the difficulties balancing bots against a small team of people, and the last wave is populated too heavy against a small MvM team of Players. It doesn't usually end well, but e have beat this with some lucky timing, but the bots create too much lag to gain an advantage. Some people just don't consider cutting back on too many medics or overpowered bots- the one weak point in this otherwise engaging map. We test maps. We train players and share strategies on our [un-named] server. We've been going 12 years strong, and we aren't vatican city or Potato bullies and snobs. we play like a team. Trust me. Good map...mostly.
  5. g00dDog
    Version: rc3d
    I am stingy with my star ratings. I don't like that I have to give a 0 star map a star to explain WHY it is terrible. THIS IS A GREAT MAP, a brilliant build.. There are a few texture glitches, but play this with a good team, and you can overlook the them, they are so minor. The gate scheduling is a uniquely brilliant concept, rather than ABCD hold points that ruin mVM maps. The trains run on time too. The front arena; the Bot spawn is a good size, the multi-level traintard and gate access bots must reach to take the express train to our base is fun. The approaches are spaced out so a small, well trained team can adjust and assemble are well timed. The final approach at the Control point are managable, and always lead to a dramatic and satisfying finish. This is a thoroughly tested 5 Star map, hands down. Well designed. Well crafted. Well balanced. A great concept, well conceived and populated with great consideration for nav points and poulation (bots). We test maps. this was a favorite from it's inception. Trust Me.
  6. g00dDog
    Version: RC6
    Hands down absolute favorite of my testing team from the very start ! Beautiful design and build, with many unique features. No missing textures, and a fun challenging merging of design, navigation, and a well balanced map population for 6-10 players. The decay of the gong is very well realized. the trains run on time, and the textures are very well thought out. It is very different than Hanami, which I suspect is from the same developers. This is larger and more lavish. We have both on our [un-named] server where we enjoy our thoroughly tested maps, but really appreciate maps like Teiein that have been perfect since we first tested it. We are not ,arrogant, boot kicking bulies like the Potato Server because we like a good team and good MvM maps. trust me.
  7. g00dDog
    Version: RC5
    Though I gave a low rating, this map has potential. The bots are top heavy- more strength and numbers that detract from the interesting build. The environment is the right size, but the bots come out too strong, protected, and equipped. Sure, we like a challenge, but there is no build-up, no dramatic understanding to keep your interest. So you need more luck than strategy, and you'd better have at least one
    good Pyro and engineer with a well trained sniper. too many giants with too many medics- a cheap way to challenge a team is to simply overwhelm them with more bots than cretor's ability. Still, we tested it, and sometimes we complete it if we don't get so wasted (with random players). We usually end up repeating one of the last 2 waves, and then switching to a good Total War. We like MvM, we like testing maps, and we play well with others. We are not snobby, rude players like Potato servers who kick you out for telling them the map sucks, or the arrogant players. Trust me.
  8. g00dDog
    Version: B12
    It takes a few plays to really appreciate it. It is a big map, but not cavernous enough to lose your team or get lost yourself as too many map developers do who dream too large for their small ideas and constructs. If you don't suck, and your team is tight, doors will open up for you here as you come to appreciate the two colored paths. They thought out the levels and their bot balance well. One thing I always respect is giving players the same advantages to trade off with our common robotic enemy. Too many map developers just keep adding more bots to overwhelm you. These are well balanced bot populations, good navigational routing so you actually have a chance- unless you suck, so Get Good. My team of friends test maps without the snotty arrogance of the potato server. We vote on maps we completely test. This turned out to be a team favorite consistently. Well done- my first five star rating today while I review our favorite and worst maps (over a decade no on our [unnamed] server. Trust me.
  9. g00dDog
    Version: B7c
    Gimmicks are fine, but in this case, the gimmicks don't make up for the bloated build here. too much unnecessary space wasted to fit in some lame gambling games that make navigational havoc for an mvm game. MVM games are for 6-10 players, not 25 to cover the approaches adequately. Sure, play slots, pachinko, or blackjack, but WHY? We are trying to stop bots from dropping a bomb, and this oversized, tedious, burdensome build just overwhelms you in the end with this fragmented excuse for an mvm map. Our team tested it, but never finished it. They are too distracted by the gambling distractions that don't add to anyteam advantage. The novelty wears off quickly. You'd better have a good map to go to nect, like Teiein, or Sewer Invasion. Trust me. My team of friends test maps thoroughly.
    (No, not Potato punk bullies)
  10. g00dDog
    Version: rc3a
    Team tested. Team approved. Toward the end, the botss just overwhelm by shear numbers, and therewach too many diverging pathways too outflank 6-10 players. With a smart pyro to take advantage of the broken fence, or the misplaced bottomless pit,
    you have a chance. Start with a good Engineer, and you can mitigate their advance, but one bad move, you'll hate an inexperienced pyro.
    However, this is one of our favorite TESTED maps. My friends test maps, another created a server, and I help maintain our friends, and our server, so I will not name it here. Good map. A favorite with minimal design flaws to ruin your fun.
  11. g00dDog
    Version: RC7navfix
    The previous versions have worked very well, though some interesting elements were eliminated, it plays pretty well until the last wave, where it gets a bit overwhelmed with fast bots in too great numbers- a fault by many map creators, but it works with an attentive team. It's fun, well made with managable sized areas and rooms, but just a few too many obstacles close to the control point for the number of bots.
    It's been a server favorite for several versions. We have yet to test this fully, but so far, previos versions have functioned very well. I expect some points I expressed will be improved, so I'll update this after we complete THIS version. Trust me.
  12. g00dDog
    Version: RC1D
    The only way to review maps is to give them a rating. Okay; IT'S TOO BIG with too much wasted space. Bots have the advantage when the players get lost with meandering nav points to get lost in, no clear objectives for 6-10 players, and this should be half it's size. Don't you developers ever THINK about strategy versus piling in too many bots because your maps suck? When you have to create so many paths, and not enough choke points, oversizing maps is wasted space, and no build up to a great finale. Impossible odds are NOT a strategy. This is just an oversized map with wasted space, and too much for 6-10 players- not MVM. We test maps thoroughly- each wave to the end. Trust me. This was too big for the developers lame, clumsy good.
  13. g00dDog
    Version: RC2A
    TOO MUCH WASTED SPACE. This map is simply too big for it's own good. What is the point of getting lost because the developers simply didn't have a clear vision or goal in mind. They need to cut out the wasted space to eliminate wandering around to find the nav points, and recognize your position or approach to the bots advance. there was no strategic points or goals in mind, or in sight for the players. An oversized, poorly envisioned waste of time and patience. Our server thoroughly tests maps, and we were sick of it after gettting lost and scattered while repeating the first wave. nothing interesting or engaging here.
  14. g00dDog
    Version: b8
    Like many maps, this one is really fragmented. There are too many levels, turns, and approaches-all good ideas, but too many convergeing choke points, connfusing fan transports, turns, and obstacles. Take a great idea, and oversize it to frustrate your attempts to cover the choking approaches. This should heave been edited down, and a few constructive shortcut pathways CLOSED OFF. With a top notch team of players, it's a grueling struggle. Too many good ideas are a bad thing. there were too many developers unwilling to cut out there contribution or agree, which makes this over complicated and too big for it's own good. We added it to our map list, but we are usually just exhausted and spent playing this monster.
  15. g00dDog
    Version: final2
    This is a favorite on my friend's server. It is completely tested and selected by our team. It was a good build from the very beginning with textures, customized bot leaderboards fully loaded
    and no missing texures. It is challenging and fun on all of it's nav levels. Trust me.
  16. Huwareyou
    Version: A1 (Reupload)
    Thank you so much, this is going to be really helpful for my medieval koth map I'm working on! I'll make sure to credit you.
  17. TomTheAnimator
    Version: x9
    nice map i will plaz on here with my friends
  18. TomTheAnimator
  19. Anonymous
    Version: a7
    Coolest trade map of all time, try asking around because this is a million times better than the other maps in trade servers