reloj a5a

A small but precise Arena map

  1. a5a

    a5a update changelog:

    - Removed the duplicate small health pack in the centre behind the point.
    - Changed the strange high ground to a simple ramp, and added a small ammo pack at its peak.
  2. a5

    a5 update changelog:

    - Removed the small height variation with the railing in the side building, as it made the room even more cramped. The medium ammo there has been completely removed.
    - To make up for the map having 2 less medium ammo packs, There is a large ammo at the back in the barn, where the no entry door is. Also the health kit that was behind the chicken wire in the barn has been moved down and upgraded to a medium health.
    - The hazard tape that marks the control point has been...
  3. a4

    a4 update changelog:

    - Filled in the shack which had a medium health in it, as the vast majority of people thought it was a death pit as it was so low and cramped.
    - Deleted the weird divider area behind the point, as it cramped the area. This also has the benefit of making the small health kit behind the point be much more noticeable.
    - Removed the weird displacement under the bridge that people could get stuck on.
    - Removed the large rock outside each spawn since it cramped the area.
  4. a3a

    a3a update changelog:

    - Re added the control point prop, which I accidentally removed before uploading version a3.
  5. a3

    a3 update changelog:

    - The room containing the point has been drastically lowered, so that it is now the low ground. The two side entrances for each team from the other rooms and the entrance from the middle both lead down to it. This should prevent the main complaint from play testers in both a1 and a2, which was "If you gain control of the point you win", due to the high ground.
    - The windows into the point have been removed, as they were hard to keep with the room being lowered...
  6. a2

    a2 update changelog:

    - Completely redid the back area of the main house area.
    - Moved the small health to be further back.
    - Widened the back area corridors to make it less spammed.
    - Made the windows in the central building smaller by dividing them into 2 small ones one each side (as opposed to one big one on each side). This means players can no longer stand on the window ledges.
    - Added a new ramp to the outside route to the house.
    - Moved the small health outside the house slightly...
  7. a1a

    a1a update changelog:

    - Added a wall to the edge of the back centre portion of the map. Before the skybox extended all the way down. The introduction of this wall stops soldiers having a disadvantage as their rockets would not benefit from splash damage
    - Added hazard tape around the point to clearly mark the capture zone.