Quagmire final

Made by Monsterclip

  1. Monsterclip

    This is my submission to the Dynamic Payload contest.

    Red has encroached on Blue's swamp, stealing their precious swamp water to be resold for profit!
    Blu has had enough. No one enters the Blu swamp and lives to tell about it!

    The dynamic element comes from the 3 capture points, which Red has rigged with TNT. When Blu gets their bomb to each point, the roadblock will ignite and explode!

    The map uses the Swamp Pack and a few TNT timebomb props made by Eric "ChickenLover" Johnson, which I downloaded from this board. So, thanks to those!

    Any advice/bugs/PL features I might have missed/etc. is openly accepted.
    Thanks for reading!



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