Qase A1a

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Qase A1a

It's certainly a qase....

When you have a site like this, someone's gotta make the token bad map. That used to be me.

But recently, it seems the general quality of my maps has had a sharp rise, and now I'm stuck with this shitty ass map with a cool layout that might be fun.

My main worry wit this map is BLU's spawn and the area directly connecting to it. I added it out of necessity, as the first building in front of A used to be BLU spawn. I hope it ends up okay, though I'd imagine it's gonna end up with a number of changes and overhauls.

Other than that, I'm confident this is one of my best layouts ever.
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Latest updates

  1. The fixing

    Alright, a quick fix to make this map playable. - Added Respawn room and Visualizer entities. - Added outputs for the setup gates to open (Thank Viper for pointing this out)