Propper patch 01

propper.exe patched to work with tf2, no external downloads needed

  1. DrSquishy
    This download includes:
    *propper.exe - patched to work with tf2 by ficool2, no external downloads needed (unlike with tuxxi's propper-2013 compile, which required the source SDK base 2013). Now no longer relies on a renamed .dll as well, unlike the original patch by ficool2.
    *propper.fgd - game data that allows hammer to use the new propper entities.

    *This patch also raises the polygon limit from 10000 to 65536

    Installation and usage instructions can be found on this thread.

    Full credits for this patched propper.exe go to ficool2, original propper-2013 compile was by tuxxi.
    This download is being created just to condense the downloads for the guide into one post + to make the updating process easier.