Propaganda b18


  1. Splash bugs and more!

    -Fixed a number of splash bugs. (Let me know of any more specific ones you find.)
    -Updated frontline pack to v1.3 (There should be some performance improvements from this on some PCs) (Let me know if this causes issues, the way these items are made is kind of out of my control, but I can revert back to a previous version of the pack if needed.)
    -Shrank cave doors slightly.
    -Shrank door in the middle of garage slightly. (Let me know how shrinking doors plays out. I dont want to make things...
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  2. clipping fixes

  3. small changes

    -Added a small ramp to the choke going into mid so you don't have to jump million times on the milk crates to get on the fruit stand.
    -Fixed being able to cap last from the other side of the concrete barrier.


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  4. fixes from ESEA S30 feedback

    -fixed a lot of the issues pointed out by cin and hoi.
    -fixed some rendering issues with the skybox.
    -lowered the box by the shack on 2nd so sniper cant stand on it.
    -lowered height of shack on mid, so sniper cant get onto the wooden thing next to it.
    -shrank spawn and moved entrances away from point.
    -scaled down the height of a lot of buildings (I did this for two reasons. The buildings just visually didnt look like the right scale, and it felt a little too easy to high bomb on the map,...
  5. quick fixes

  6. optimization

    I added hint brushes or something.
  7. fixed shutter on mid opening from porch above

    fixed shutter on mid opening from porch above
  8. I dont know the difference between stalagmites and stalactites

    fixed a few small clipping and visual issues
    added stalagmites and stalactites to the caves


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  9. quick fix/detailing

  10. :)

    fixed a few places that would stop you when walking over them
    removed barrels on mid so people dont get baited trying to get on top of them
    detailing at spawn :)


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