Present Payload Carts (Without Gift Tag) 1.0

Made by English Mobster

  1. English Mobster

    A suspiciously-wrapped present on a Payload cart. This version does NOT have the gift tag on it; if you would rather it have a gift tag, see the other release:

    The other release also has the source files for said cart.

    For installation instructions, or if you have comments, suggestions, or issues, please contact me via PM or post in the main thread:


    1. plr_snowblind_stage1-2_a10000_Q79.jpg
    2. plr_snowblind_stage1-2_a10001_6RE.jpg
    3. plr_snowblind_stage1-2_a10002_SLQ.jpg
    4. plr_snowblind_stage1-2_a10003_tN8.jpg