pp_powerjuice A5

The very first map featuring the powerpush gamemode.

  1. Joshenkstone
    Hello and welcome to the PP_powerjuice map.
    I immediately see your thinking what the hell is PP.
    Well it's basicly PayloadRace but you need to be carrying an item in order to push the payload.
    In our case it's a bottle powerjuice.
    There is also a special version of the powerjuice at spawn which spawns every 3 minutes, upon drinking from this tasty juice you will gain minicrits for 30 seconds.
    The team which pushes the cart to the end of the track the fastest wins.

    Please note that it's still in an early state so it still has it's bugs etc. so don't expect much of it right now.

    Authors: Joshenkstone & BenCo


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