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Powerplant RC1 (Reupload)

By Gadget

  1. Uploaded again because of the server issues

    Uploaded again because of the recent server issues. No content changes.
  2. RC1 repack: Added missions



    1. Powerplant_Missions_Normal.jpg
    2. Powerplant_Missions_Intermediate.jpg
    3. Powerplant_Missions_Advanced1.jpg
    4. Powerplant_Missions_Advanced2.jpg
    5. Powerplant_Missions_Expert.jpg
  3. Release Candidate

    • Fixed some prop clipping issues
    • Fixed tank spawn sound playing multiple times
    • Added a fence next to the tank path in the middle of the map
    • Minor detailing changes
  4. Minor tweaks

    • Fixed world clipping allowing players to get on top of the skybox
    • Removed the blue container from the main factory hall area
    • Minor detailing changes
    • Tweaked the lighting
    • Tweaked fog settings
  5. Visual improvements

    • Fixed bots attacking before dropping down from spawn area
    • Tweaked the lighting
    • Various improvements on the visual details
  6. Art pass completed

    • Added support for engineer bots
    • Fixed forward upgrade station not working after wave reset
    • Fixed middle bomb route not being used by the bots
    • Completed the art pass
    • Optimized visleafs
    • Optimized prop fade distances
    • Tweaked the lighting


    1. mvm_powerplant_b40042.jpg
    2. mvm_powerplant_b40024.jpg
  7. Re-upload without the nav and pop files packed into the bsp

    Re-uploaded Beta 3 without having the nav and pop file packed into the bsp.
  8. Pre release candidate version

    • Mostly completed the art pass
    • Added soundscapes
    • Added nobuilds
    • Added more observer cameras
    • Fixed bot navigation paths
    Still left to do:
    • Optimize fade distances
    • Clean up visleafs
    • Menu screenshots
    • Another pass on the lighting
    • A bit of tweaking on the details


    1. mvm_powerplant_b30001.jpg
    2. mvm_powerplant_b30002.jpg
    3. mvm_powerplant_b30004.jpg
    4. mvm_powerplant_b30005.jpg
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