Powder Keg b13


  1. nuclear pit

    added nuclear pit
  2. b2 -> b2

    b3 Changelog:
    -Added walls to metal platform on 2nd
    -Fixed missing clip brush
    -Adjusted render distance on few of the more obvious props
    -Changed small health kit to medium under dropdown
  3. b1 -> b2

    Corona put irl things on hold, got bored so decided to maybe finish this map now. Has been a long time since last playtest, I did make most of the changes that came up previously. Tunnel to last is still same, sad but true it isnt very cool but it gets the job done. I will figure out an alternative after this version.

    b2 Changelog:
    -Stuff that came up in b1 playtest has been implemented, except underground passage to last
    -Last cap tube now has a ceiling
  4. a18 -> b1

    b1 (kinda) Changelog:
    -Laid out texture pallette (except last)
    -Adjusted boundaries to fit the 3d skybox in future
    -Added cover on mid

    Publishing this version because it has been a while since last playtest
  5. a17 -> a18

    a18 Changelog:
    -Last spawn room has a new shape
    -Right side of spawn opened up
    -Forward spawn moved back from previous location
    -One way shutter model changed
    -Changed health + ammo kit locations to try and be in more logical spots
    -Added a million Moo Moo`s
  6. a16 -> a17

    a17 Changelog:
    -Rolled back the old last
    -Another new lobby + routing
    -Removed most of the shutters (1 remains)
    -Added a cow (1)
  7. a15 -> 16

    a16 Changelog:
    -New last
    -New lobby
    -Windowds on mid are now larger
    -Close off a room near 2nd


    1. 20191027174003_1.jpg
  8. a14 -> a15

    a15 Changelog:
    -Low ground passage to last has more walls to it now
    -Added windows/holes to mid structure
    -Valley isnt as open anymore, made it harder for snipers
  9. update

    a14b L´eg:
    -Lobby is now even more shit
    -I cant fixit sorry
    -Added railing for an extra sentry spot on 2nd
  10. update

    a14 Changelog:
    -Mid is now more spacious
    -Removed glass fence on 2nd
    -Added cover to balcony on 2nd