Portholes - 3 Variations 1.0

Made by Acumen

  1. Acumen

    Hey there, first time poster, long time visiter thanks to all your great tutorials :)

    so in the past months i was trying to catch up with the source/tf2 modeling/compiling process in order to be able to get my models ingame - something i haven't done till the old hl1 days. all the other stuff i worked on was compiled by my buddy :)

    so enough talk :)
    i made simple porthole model, textured and compiled and thought i might share it with you guys, incase you're interested :)
    One thing i'm also not good at, is making rar-archives. So if you download it, you should try to unpack it in the ...team fortress 2\tf-directory - it should then create a "custom_models" folder in each "models" and "materials" directories. I'm sry if it sounds tooo confusing.


    1. bull_auge2_ingame_t1h.jpg
    2. bull_rectangle3_ingame_025.jpg
    3. bull_square1_ingame_qIk.jpg