Portal 2 Panels! Converted, BLU/RED/neutral skins 2015-08-30

Made by Groxkiller545 - No workshop thread

  1. Groxkiller545

    A friend wanted these so I decided i'd upload here where more people could make use of it. (Maybe. Doesn't really fit in unless you have a P2-TF2 texturepack lol)

    Anywho this is the panel from Portal 2. Due to issues with the decompiling/backporting process there's a problem: Almost all of the "fix" "repair" "error" etc. animations are broken. (As in, they cause the model to spazz out. Which is why it's the clean model.) I don't know why it broke and the only thing to blame is the decompiler since half the animations still work. Basic animations, angles movement stairs ramps etc. all still work.

    Anywho your welcome to use this without credit. (since technically it isn't mine to begin with but VALVe's, I just backported it.)


    1. portal2panelstf_Nw4.png