Pogger A8b

A tweek to the CTF formula set in a watery gravel mine.

  1. can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I can't remember what I changed besides the main doorway at mid (plus some cover to compensate) so it's A8b instead of A9.

    asd is a big bean
  2. Intel Respawn Tweak

    Reduced dropped intel respawn timer to 20 seconds from 45.
    Also, forgot to mention in A8, I hid a pogchamp on each side of the map.
    That is all.
  3. Minor Update

    -Detailing adjustments
    -Removed ammo from dropdown room
    -Fixed clipping in numerous places
    -Added areaportals (this was actually added a version or so ago but I forgot to mention it I think)
  4. Smigma

    -Replaced weird overhang building above leftmost spawn building exit with smaller ledge that only mobile classes can reach, but is otherwise more exposed and less useful than before
    -Where stairs to aforementioned replaced overhand thing used to be, added entrance to a new route to mid that exits on top of the small ledge just outside of the main entrance
    -Fixed intel returning to enemy base upon passing through own sewer door
    -Detailing adjustments
    -Added ammo to the health just...
  5. Poggers

    -Changed name to Pogger (can we get a pogchamp in the chat)
    -Replaced all dev textures with real textures
    -Minor detailing adjustments
    -Slightly raised mid platform to make underneath area less cramped vertically
    -Adjusted health and ammo sizes and placements everywhere
    -Made doorway connecting mid to dropdown room larger to make it a more viable entrance to mid
    -Fixed misaligned objects
  6. Door Fix

    -Fixed intel teleporting back to its base when it crosses through the enemy team's dynamic sewer door
    -Penis Inspection Day Episode 2, Part 1: Wilson and Chin get moved to the top of the list

    Gonna update the screenshots in the main thread because I haven't uploaded screenshots in a while.
  7. Big mid changes, smaller other changes

    -Redid mid to be more betterer
    -Replaced dropdown into sewer with staircase, just like the original a1
    -Straightened sewer tunnel from sewer to mid, turned corner sewer tunnel from sewer to intel into an extension of the room
    -Added ledges at mid and valley to improve pushing in and out of the valley area
    -Made health next to entrance of remaining dropdown medium instead of small
    -Readded large middle exits from spawn and removed the tiny side exit, but kept the newer far exit,...
  8. I haven't had dinner

    -Added a new spawn exit closer to the valley, replaced the old main exits with static (decorative) shutters (other smaller exit remains)
    -Shortened spawn times
    -Added wires connecting the intelligence control point things to the dynamic sewer doors to better indicate that the intel affects when they open/close
    -I forgot what else I did that wasn't detailing-related
    -Penis inspection day part 2: electric boogaloo

    Still no screenshots because I'm a dumbass
  9. Gimmick is Gone (Crab Emoji)


    -Removed "cap at mid" gimmick, now normal CTF, however;
    -Added a 5 second respawn delay to intel when intel is capped
    -Replaced helipad at mid with crane holding a box, added other bits of cover here and there and merged the weird large doorway into mid with the crane supports
    -Merged the two medium packs at mid into a single medium pack under the crane
    -Added func_nobuild to the tanks in the sewers
    -I'm a sick fuck I like moster truck

    20200102221933_1.jpg ...
  10. Variety Update

    -Fixed broken doors (hopefully)
    -Moved doors that closed on intel pickup to deeper inside the sewer so that the dropdown into sewer can be used to reach the intel spawn even while the intel is being held
    -Added func_respawnflag to inside aforementioned doors to prevent exploits, as well as making them also open when the intel is dropped (ie, doors will now only be closed if the intel is actively being held by a player)
    -Adjusted dropdowns such that they can be peeked open if need...