Parabolic A10

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uploaded the correct map file this time
been a while since i touched this one
also forgot where a9 went, but we're going straight to a10 baybeeeeeee

-Changed map name from Pogger to Parabolic
-Retheme from watery Gravelpit-esque to Mountain Lab-esque
-Replaced the entire main mid structure with a new one ft. a slow-rotating satellite dish (hence the new name)
-Replaced many of my older and worse technical decisions (ex: replacing nonsolid func_brush roofs with nonsolid displacements, replacing nonsolid beams with func_illusionary, etc, brushwork cleanup, etc)
-No idea what else I did, just enjoy the map, I hope I can get this to beta maybe, cause this was one of my closest good attempts at getting a map to a possible beta state
-Had lesbian sex with Herobrine behind a Walgreens in 1997

No screenshots cause I didn't feel like it
just take my word for it lmao
fixed broken areaportals
I can't remember what I changed besides the main doorway at mid (plus some cover to compensate) so it's A8b instead of A9.

asd is a big bean
Reduced dropped intel respawn timer to 20 seconds from 45.
Also, forgot to mention in A8, I hid a pogchamp on each side of the map.
That is all.
-Detailing adjustments
-Removed ammo from dropdown room
-Fixed clipping in numerous places
-Added areaportals (this was actually added a version or so ago but I forgot to mention it I think)
-Replaced weird overhang building above leftmost spawn building exit with smaller ledge that only mobile classes can reach, but is otherwise more exposed and less useful than before
-Where stairs to aforementioned replaced overhand thing used to be, added entrance to a new route to mid that exits on top of the small ledge just outside of the main entrance
-Fixed intel returning to enemy base upon passing through own sewer door
-Detailing adjustments
-Added ammo to the health just outside of the main entrance to mid
-Added cover in various spots to block ridiculous sightlines
-Added tank + clipping to rock nearest the dropdown to cut off a potentially OP highground position

Screenshots will be updated in the main thread instead of here.
-Changed name to Pogger (can we get a pogchamp in the chat)
-Replaced all dev textures with real textures
-Minor detailing adjustments
-Slightly raised mid platform to make underneath area less cramped vertically
-Adjusted health and ammo sizes and placements everywhere
-Made doorway connecting mid to dropdown room larger to make it a more viable entrance to mid
-Fixed misaligned objects
-Fixed intel teleporting back to its base when it crosses through the enemy team's dynamic sewer door
-Penis Inspection Day Episode 2, Part 1: Wilson and Chin get moved to the top of the list

Gonna update the screenshots in the main thread because I haven't uploaded screenshots in a while.
-Redid mid to be more betterer
-Replaced dropdown into sewer with staircase, just like the original a1
-Straightened sewer tunnel from sewer to mid, turned corner sewer tunnel from sewer to intel into an extension of the room
-Added ledges at mid and valley to improve pushing in and out of the valley area
-Made health next to entrance of remaining dropdown medium instead of small
-Readded large middle exits from spawn and removed the tiny side exit, but kept the newer far exit, all to facilitate players going to mid more than intel
-Adjusted lighting
-Fixed intel being completely invisible during brief disable period
-(hopefully) fixed wires being invisible
-Penis Inspection Day 2: Inspection Boogaloo