Pogger A8c

A tweek to the CTF formula set in a watery gravel mine.

  1. Smigma

    -Replaced weird overhang building above leftmost spawn building exit with smaller ledge that only mobile classes can reach, but is otherwise more exposed and less useful than before
    -Where stairs to aforementioned replaced overhand thing used to be, added entrance to a new route to mid that exits on top of the small ledge just outside of the main entrance
    -Fixed intel returning to enemy base upon passing through own sewer door
    -Detailing adjustments
    -Added ammo to the health just outside of the main entrance to mid
    -Added cover in various spots to block ridiculous sightlines
    -Added tank + clipping to rock nearest the dropdown to cut off a potentially OP highground position

    Screenshots will be updated in the main thread instead of here.
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