72hr plr_signal a5

A payload race map in a old mine with a radiotower build on top.

  1. Kulukoo

    This is the first alpha version of my map for 72HR jam plr_signal. The idea was to focus on vertical gameplay and also to have the radiotower as a focuspoint of the map, as you would move upward. I have also tried to prevent any spawn camping from higher areas in the map. the cart paths are a bit wonky when moving down hills but nothing game breaking as far as i have seen from testing.

    The map is pretty condensed so i would expect alot of fighting and flanking.
    The map still needs some work when it comes to detailing, cart paths and cubemapping(with HDR) and optimization, but the map works and can be played.

    Other than that it is a bit of an ugly duckling, but i learned about displacements and skyboxes etc. so that is neato.

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