Player Destruction Pipeline Stage 3

Player Destruction Pipeline Stage 3 rc6

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Player Destruction Pipeline Stage 3 rc6

Its pipeline stage 3 but player destruction.

This is a Smissmas remake of Pipeline's Stage 3 arena into a Player Destruction map, Kill players to collect their dropped power cells to fuel your Skyfold device to victory!

Major changes have been made to the geomtery these include:
- The addition of a new exit from spawn to the lower river area
- New jump pads to 2 new flanks on the upper area
- extra hallway in the underground area
-vents that lead to the underground

Ismaciodismorphus: Map creator, various snowy assets
Krazyzark: Snowy props pack
Void: Festive Posters Pack
Pinewabble: Festive props pack

Story: The Administrator hates one thing above all and that is friendship, Upon hearing rumors of the mercs setting up a Smissmas work party she acted quickly and replaced their presents with present-shaped power cells for their teams skyfold systems, The voice spoke out with only one demand... to destroy friendships!
First release
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Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. Added cap decals

    -add capture zone decals to the points
  2. Best update!

    -improved visuals -more xmas -fixed finales -better logic -fixed clips -jumper fences protect better -new icons
  3. Fix