pl_rose b1a

Watch out for thorns!

  1. Beta 1 alpha

    Re-added nostrils with changes to 2nd
    (Allows for crossfire to hopefully push red out of their standing)
    Fixed blue spawn shutter on 1st being openable by red team
    Patched doorway pre-3rd
    Packed custom soundscapes
    Changed last highground
    Detail to 1st, Trying things out.
    beta but there are still dev textures: beta alpha

    I don't think there will be reworks to the layout on 1st/2nd from here on out. I need to heavily focus on 3rd and last, and connectors...
  2. Alpha 10b

    Removed flank dropdown on 2nd
    Enhanced flank route on 2nd
    Reworked blue 1st spawnroom
    Added highground on last for blue
    Added incline rails on 3rd
    Small changes allover


    1. 20210429103255_1.jpg
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    3. 20210429103344_1.jpg
  3. Alpha 10a

    Added brainspawn on 1st
    Closed 3rds far right door (2 choke 3rd now, lol)
    Added far left stairs back on 3rd
    Moved 1st forward a bit
    Moved shutter on last to help defenders...?
    Allow players to re-enter their spawn on 2nd
    Added a quick route for blue on 2nd flank

    various small tweaks

    I feel uncomfortable about the flank on 2nd. its going to be busted my gut tells me that. To learn we must fail my friends.


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    5. 20210419104953_1.jpg
  4. Alpha 10

    An interpretation based off feedback.
    Thank you guys!!!

    All Over:
    Gave cart space

    1st Point:
    Patched up awkward soldier spam angles into 1st building
    Removed claustrophobic cover near bomb cart
    Improved flow for red post 1st

    2nd Point:
    Removed a lot of clutter near choke
    Removed stairway near choke
    Removed nostrils
    (These were removed because they aided red team in having a bunch of angles to poke blue from)
    Reworked flank room and flank...
  5. Alpha 9A

    Major last rework
    Removed weird post 2nd spawn system
    Added solid cover to 1st
    Widened 1st main choke
    Added crate to corner of post 2nd choke


    1. 20210311120358_1.jpg
    2. 20210311120409_1.jpg
    3. 20210311120416_1.jpg
    4. 20210311120446_1.jpg
  6. Alpha 9

    Added 2 small hp/ammos near blue spawn
    Greatly improved flow near a point
    Added an escape route for engineers leaving the point
    Pullet in combat near A door
    Cut out crossfire sniping spot into A

    Fixed awkward mini-sentry spot near b
    Improved flow in apartments
    Pulled in combat post 1st
    Added 2nd right route for blue to push (Nostrils)
    Added small hp med ammo to post 1st
    Added cover to apartments flank route
    Removed one way window
    Opened up old 'dynamic' windows all the time...
  7. Alpha 8

    We're back!

    1st point:
    Adjusted hedge clipping
    Adjusted health/ammo
    Adjusted post 1st bullet blocking all over
    Closed grenade gobble spots
    Moved red spawn further back

    2nd point:
    Remade apartments spiral staircase room
    (Not 100% on this, but it is an improvement none the less)
    Adjusted flank cover
    Adjusted left pits cover / spotting
    Hedge clipping
    Adjusted health/ammo
    Closed grenade gobble spots

    3rd point:
    Overhauled sniper sightlines in and out of...
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  8. A7-Test1

    Lots of small changes. rushed.
  9. Alpha 7

    Work on last and stuff...

    1st point:
    Moved 1st point back to a5 pos
    Moved mediums around so deep flanking players post 2nd bleed out easily and post 1st forward hold is discouraged

    2nd point:
    Added windows that open post b capture allowing blue to gain access to the left room easily
    (Might make these windows open at all times)

    3rd point:
    Moved cover all around
    Made arch room super super wide (Like super super super...
  10. Alpha 6

    Moved 1st point forward
    Grate in 1st barn
    added 2 exits to every spawn
    (besides red 2nd)
    Added more arrows to funnel players
    Expanded windows on 2nd to watch flank players
    locked last shutter door

    Small clips all over
    Small tweaks all over