pl_crusade a07_reup

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pl_crusade a07_reup

Highlander Payload Map

One-stage payload map set in red's canyon base being developed for competitive Highlander play.
This is my first map, looking for feedback.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. a07 - New Mine, New Look

    Changed: Major and minor textures Modified metal sheet on A Made one-way doors into two-way doors Made building next to pit after A into underground mine Made large ammo pack at A more visible from outside the room Moved window above AB pit...
  2. a06

    Made window above ramp to B taller Extended spawn trigger to gate in first blu spawn Added sign to A Fixed being able to build outside of first blu spawn gates before round start Thickened the barrier in IT after B Moved warehouse door to help...
  3. a05 - Retexturing and minor changes

    Retextured some buildings/areas Opened window on C to cover the point more Opened area outside of IT on A Fixed big nodraw brush in first red spawn + Other minor tweaks/fixes

Latest reviews

neato map, pretty big fan. It has a lot of work left to be done but it's well on its way!