Pl_Breadspace B10a

An asteroid themed payload map set inside a deterioating red base.

  1. HDR/LDR

    Forgot to include LDR in the last update, added.
  2. Bugfixes, server crash fix

    B10, mainly an update to address an issue that crashed servers, and some bug fixes. Also some optimisation.

    -Reduced entity count
    -Model fade on some high poly props
    -Particles are now packed into the map... hopefully
    -Tons of little bugfixes, more to come

    Big thanks to Sierra Foxtrot for a lot of the bug fixes and Stealth for bringing up the entity count issue
  3. More Art Passing

    More art passing
    • Vent room at last
    • Red Spawn 2
    • Other minor areas
    • Ambient outdoor lighting has been raised to help with visibility
    • Fix to normal maps on outdoor textures to be using a DirectX normal rather than OpenGl
    20201019230020_1.jpg 20201019230715_1.jpg
  4. Art Pass Update

    • Most of the map has recieved a major art pass. Some areas still need detailing but the highlights:
      • Skybox details
      • New textures
      • Better geometery
      • Displacements
    • Exploding Bread fatties have been added. They behave like Pumpkin bombs.
    • Logic and collision fixes (players will no longer get stuck inside the cart)
    • Sounds
    • Cp2 and Cp3 area has been changed a fair bit with art pass
    • New one-way path, from behind CP2, leads...
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  5. Syntax

  6. Rename for content fix

    Another syntax fix
  7. Missing Content hotfix

    Custom content wasn't packed in last version, oops
  8. Post playtest update

    Some fixes regarding the playtest update, along with the first batch of custom content and some other adjustments.