Pharaoh rc1

By Excalibuur

  1. Excalibuur

    *** Changes for the release client ***

    * Changed the color of ALL ambient lighting from the redish color to a more natural sun color

    * Rebuilt and shrank the final red spawn room to allow faster access to the final point.

    * Expanded the size of the "sniper deck" at the beginning of the map

    * Relocated the entrance to the overlook between points A and B for balance

    * Added more props, including some that can be built on

    * Added an easter egg to reds 1st spawn room

    * Rebuilt the balcony in the cave (added cover and eliminated the remaining parts of the old moving platform)

    * Added over 30 new light sources to brighten up the darkest areas.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: depending on your brightness settings some areas may still be a tad darker but i needed to balance functionality and looks equally

    * Added more clip planes to eliminate a few exploits


    * removed the ugly shadows from the track
    * Fixed a bug with the respawn visualizer on blues last spawn point.
    * Tweaked a few of the cap times.
    * Updated screen pics coming tomorrow to show no shadows on track


    1. Pharaoh_Screenshot9.jpg
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    6. Pharaoh_Screenshot5.jpg