Persia b4

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Persia b4

Author: Uriak

Koth_persia_B4 out. I hope it will be the last beta release. The new look of the central area is definitively more persian, I hope this and the reworked lighting will make koth_persia a very unique map.

In the sandy outskirts of a persian city, BLU noticed the unusual activity of the mysterious Rural Engineering of the Desert (RED) Corp. And it seems a new advanced atmospheric device will soon be used to change the local climate into a more rainy one. As the powerful tool is almost reaching operational state, the two groups will mercilessly clash to claim their prize.

That's the story so far. The alpha 4 is now released, mostly featuring some detailing of the start areas of both teams and rougher texturing/details in the central area. Some key elements are still temporary (central ground, central buildings) until more play test are done, but custom textures and props habe been introduced for this exotic setting.

The map is quite small and simple is design, because I want some merciless and brutal fight for dominion, while giving space for all classes to have fun. Koth mode is almost all about the central area, so there are mainy ways to reach it, but staying on the control point should be more difficult.
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