pd_snowside A1

a very snowy place somewhere in russia where red and blu are fighting for sandviches.

  1. Zooule
    My first map.

    This place use to be a sandvich factory, until one half was bought by BLU and the other by RED not knowing that they had bought the same land, right next to each other, and once they figured out they were right next to each other they declared war on the rest of the sandviches and both teams had the same idea, to salvage and sell what sandviches were left on the compound to sell to the people of Teufort.


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Recent Updates

  1. Snowwier side
  2. fair and balance.
  3. yay ore sandviches.

Recent Reviews

  1. λ HALF-LIFE 3 λ™
    λ HALF-LIFE 3 λ™
    Version: A1
    5 stars because you change the name so I can make my map thx @marzgodofwar
  2. λ HALF-LIFE 3 λ™
    λ HALF-LIFE 3 λ™
    Version: 2016-12-08
    nice looking but I was going to make a map called 5cp_frost