Partycentre 2016-02-22

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Partycentre 2016-02-22

A big map full with fun and entertainment, Be a Star in the Stage of Japan etc

You may need the FF2 Content pack to see the props

Backstory Time:

"Saxton Hale was busy watching Youtube videos about TF2/Loudouts, and he though about the idea for Mann Co.: Entertainment/Fashion. He sent all Mercs a invitation to become a STAR for the Saxxy Awards. He opened the Entertainment Centre, Mann Co's FIRST Fun Facility for Blu and Red. He also build up Catwalks for the Fashionfans, Where you can show the best Loadouts you ever made up"

A big map where entertainment is born, be a star in the stage-act: Assault on Coal Town Museum

Find your way through the Invisible Maze

Show off your Loadout in the way of the Fashion, Like a Womann XD, anyway, this map contains themed Catwalk rooms where you can smell the air of Japan etc. There is also a big Lounge, with 2 Bars, a Stripclub and a Intelligence to walk and run around with it

Spells are also used for fun and battles

Touch the BONUS DUCK for a amazing surprise

And more........
Brock Pootisson
First release
Last update

Latest updates

  1. Fortune Update

    - Added the Fortune Teller - Removed the FF2 Museum
  2. Freak Fortress 2 Update

    - Added the Freak Fortress 2 National Museum
  3. Update 2

    - Renamed the map to Partycentre and is now a Trademap - Removed all Secret Rooms related to content installations