Paraglyph a4

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Paraglyph a4

Battle against RED to claim the temple's treasure in my first REAL map.

Somewhere in the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple, there lays a large stash of Australium present inside the temple. BLU wants to gather it in order to power up their weapons. However, RED not only managed to collect the treasure, but they also managed to take control of the ENTIRE temple. Now, BLU must battle against RED to claim the temple's treasure in my first REAL map.

Features: 3 Control Points, With the second one guarding the third point from being accessed by BLU via a gate which is unlocked by capping the second point.

Muddy: For giving me info on how to make the second point gate.
Sean "heyo" Cutino and Matt "vhalin" Leahy: For the assets from Borneo.
The Mayann Team: For the other assets.
DioJoestar: For the gate that is unlocked after capping the 2nd point.
Valve: For making TF2 a thing.
And You: For playing my map.

20170304130634_1.jpg 20170304130631_1.jpg 20170304130636_1.jpg 20170304130637_1.jpg 20170304130640_1.jpg 20170304130642_1.jpg
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. May Update

    Hello, Welcome to the May update. The main changes include some layout changes that I can't really go into detail here but sniper sightlines have be decreased.
  2. The (slightly more than a) year long return update

    Hello after some time i'm back in the mapping scene and to celebrate I have here a new version to the map, changes are minimal.
  3. Alpha 2 FIx

    Changelog: -Pit should no longer cash crash -Displacement tweaks