Overturn a7

Made by Teddy Schnapps

  1. Teddy Schnapps

    Welcome to Overturn. Hope you like heights! Did I mention it has cliffs and long sight lines? I think I did- well, have a nice trip, see you next fall! ~<3
    About map:

    This is an ongoing project that my may or may not be finished by this year. But either way it will get finished... someday... [​IMG]
    Ha, that was cute and naive of me back then. Well, here's the scoop; I'm done mapping. So, this is really my last major project. I might get back into one day but I doubt it.

    Well bye for now,
    it's been real fun! [​IMG]


    1. plr_overturn_a70003.jpg
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    6. plr_overturn_a70009.jpg