Overgrown rc5a

2 CP A/D map in the jungle theme

  1. Minor fixes

    -Fixed missing soundscape, oops
    -Packed in a nav mesh ARE YOU HAPPY NOW
    -Updated localization files
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  2. The legitimately nothing to see here update

    Literally nothing
    No seriously
    Legitimately nothing
    Don't look into it too hard
    Literally nothing changed
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  3. RC5? RC5.

    Replaced that roof material everyone has been complaining about since we reartpassed with a new one, SURPRISE
    Tweaked some timings slightly
    Fixed a bunch of visual bugs
    Fixed a bunch of clipping issues/ exploits
    Did some other stuff, I forget

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  4. RC4

    Adjusted the clipping around the managers chair in Blu spawn
    Added second route coming out of Blu's forward spawn
    Reduced clipping around trees to allow more freedom to jump around them
    Got rid of almost all of the vphysics console spam (two left, damn you!)
    Adjusted lighting in a few places
    Significantly more optimization (more fades, more hints, areaportal windows added, detail sprites reduced, unnecessary props removed)
    More lightmap optimization/ adjustments
    More clipping...
  5. Oops that box didn't have collision update

    Oops that box didn't have collision
    Fixed the box that didn't have collision
    That box sucked
    Jerk-ass box*
    No one likes you anyway
    Did some more optimization, like I do.
    Fixed some clipping issues, like I do.
    Ruined some sightlines for OP Sniper mains, like I do.
    Did I mention the box? Fuck that box. (that's what she said)

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  6. RC3!

    Added crates so Blu can get to the upper balcony behind the sentry nest spot on first. This should help balance a really strong hold out better.
    Overhauled env lighting completely
    Tweaked lighting all over the map to reduce dark spots/ improve dynamics
    Reduced occluder usage and did a further optimization pass on the map
    Lightmap optimization/ beautification pass (reduced unpacked filesize by 10mb)
    Reduced capture time on first very slightly
    More minor bugs/ visual glitches fixed...
  7. RC2!

    Overhauled lighting everywhere
    More detailing and custom assets added (to be released later)
    Large optimization pass (still more to do)
    Significant clipping pass smoothing out areas and fixing bugs
    Tons of minor visual issues fixed
    Fixed train having a payload camera on it

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to provide feedback!

    Need to improve optimization further. May have went overboard with occluders and made things worse in spots. Will work on it more for future versions!
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  8. Release Candidate 1!

    Changed everything
    Full detailed the map using a custom theme using Pear's custom assets
    Refined gameplay further
    Polished everything
    Ivy from Dr Spud
    Tree leaves modified with permission from E-arkham's Antiquity model pack
    Ground material and overgrown blends from Void and Fuzzy
    Custom soundscape from Void

    20170628181045_1.jpg 20170628181102_1.jpg 20170628181126_1.jpg 20170628181157_1.jpg 20170628181250_1.jpg 20170628181305_1.jpg 20170628181339_1.jpg ...
  9. More changes, getting closer!

    -More changes to the left side leading to first capture point, providing more cover/ height advantage for attackers pushing on this side
    -New open door added to lower basement area coming from last to first. Door closes permanently when first is captured. This should make that lower area not as much of a dead end for defenders making their initial pushes out.
    -Building on the right side of first (for defenders) changed a bit to match new attacker route
    -Some cover scattered around last...
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  10. Oh no I don't remember what we did

    -Bunch of tweaks and changes to first and second areas, it was a bunch
    -I forget
    -Finally fixed that one areaportal issue... I think
    -Seriously, a bunch of stuff all over, I dunno
    -Best changelog
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