Overgrown rc7b

2 CP A/D map in the jungle theme

  1. RC3!

    Added crates so Blu can get to the upper balcony behind the sentry nest spot on first. This should help balance a really strong hold out better.
    Overhauled env lighting completely
    Tweaked lighting all over the map to reduce dark spots/ improve dynamics
    Reduced occluder usage and did a further optimization pass on the map
    Lightmap optimization/ beautification pass (reduced unpacked filesize by 10mb)
    Reduced capture time on first very slightly
    More minor bugs/ visual glitches fixed
    20170711233659_1.jpg 20170711233710_1.jpg 20170711233716_1.jpg 20170711233725_1.jpg 20170711233727_1.jpg 20170711233738_1.jpg 20170711233804_1.jpg 20170711233854_1.jpg 20170711233912_1.jpg 20170711233940_1.jpg 20170711234207_1.jpg 20170711234219_1.jpg 20170711234239_1.jpg 20170711234251_1.jpg
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