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Overgrown rc7b

2 CP A/D map in the jungle theme

  1. Overhaul update

    This update has some big changes and hard cuts. I'm expecting some people to not like it, but sometimes hard decisions have to be made for the improvement of the whole. I think these changes will be very worth it.

    • Removed the basement between first and second to reduce unneeded routes on the map. This should refine the "frontline" of combat a bit more, forcing players to use the main floor level to push through, giving it a bit of a "wide choke." This also makes it so red doesn't have as many places to hide from Blu as they get pushed back.
    • Removed door leading into train station on last to coincide with basement missing. The lower area will have less importance, and the train station should be a little easier to hold once attackers push in, with less ways for defenders to take it back.
    • Adjusted left path out of first to second transition area into last, added a drop down from upper restaurant area into it. This should hopefully give it a little more focus for attackers, making it a decent option to go to the left side of the map, and making the upper restaurant area more useful.
    • Added staircase going back up from lower last area to walkways on "attackers" side, makes the pit less of a trap that you can only get out of from one direction. This also let's red cross through that area when rolling out and not hit any dead ends.
    • Changed environment lighting to be brighter, less orange, and changed the skybox to match. Removed a number of lights that were no longer needed in the map. The map felt a bit too gloomy and overly orange. Things should be brighter and clearer now
    • Fixed a large number of visual bugs and issues, I forget, I did a lot of little things since the last update.
    • Further optimization of the map


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