Outpost a2

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Outpost a2

Made by C00Kies


Hay everyone,

Here is a map Ive been working on for a while now. Its a Payload map set in an Upward/coalmine setting with a twist.... Its a Gravel pit stile map in which A+B are captured with PL carts and C is captured by person. Every thing gameplay wise works (i believe) however the HUD dose not and I am not sure how I can make a custom one. This is the main problem I am dealing with now and I would appreciate any help.

Blu must capture both A+B in order to capture C
A+B are captured with PL carts
C is captured manually
A+B track layout is almost the same in length
When A is captured, a shortcut door to B for Blu is opened
When B is captured, a shortcut door to A for Blu is opened
When A is captured, Red' short cut door to A is closed
When B is captured, Red' short cut door to B is closed
PL carts will move back after 30 sec (i may change that were they wont ex.PLR)
When A+B are captured, a rout to C is opened
Blu may gain access to C outside of the side rout

Side Notes
I think this map may have a large time limit (its set on the GP times now)
If this map ends up to be too crazy for a A+B>C map i could probably change it to a quick 3 stage map.
I made cubemaps and they were working but they broke....
I'd appreciate any help especially with the HUD

Thanks alot
First release
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