Operative's I-beams 1.0

Made by Rexy

  1. Rexy

    I made these during development of ctf_operative because I was never pleased with the options available for the stock spytech I-beams...for one thing, the nice ones were never straight up and down, and the one model that was 180 deg tall wasn't satisfying anyway...so I modified some existing models and reskinned them how I wanted.

    The first model is 180 units high, and the second is 208 units high. Those were specific values I needed for my map, and the skins I made to fit the stylistic approach I wanted.

    You can alter the vtf's and vmt's to the way you want them, right now the models have specularity on because of Operative, but if you want to turn them off, I won't be hurt.

    Also, if you need a specific size or height of this model for your map, feel free to send me a request, It wouldn't take long to fill those orders.

    No need to credit for use of them, they're not really my models anyway. Enjoy.

    Request fulfillment for Malcom: 318 units high beams
    Request fulfillment for Fearlezz: 352 units high beams


    1. operative_ibeams_Cxs.jpg