OD_Canary v1b

Object destruction

  1. map rename...

    pls stop annoying me and just let me update the map.
    Newer one just has .res file packed.
  2. another site fix...

    another fail....... damn im so tired of those renaming.
  3. another useless update.

    i failed again... don't laugh.
  4. Hudfix and string version.

    you can see what changed in later version.
    damn i hate string version. i don't want to be rude but pls unterstand that.
  5. hud fix

    hud has been fixed by packing odtimer.res into the bsp.
    for weird reason i changed it but maybe i undo it and i packed the base script. didnt work because the base script was connected (odtimer.res connects the base script called HudObjectiveObjectDestruction.res)