North Bound B2

a basic king of the hill map

  1. Still Beta 2

    Fixed the download
  2. Beta 2

    Huge thanks to Corvatile for all the beautiful detailing in this update

    - Art pass
  3. YAY! Beta 1!

    -did some more clipping
    -spawn rooms have been redone and fixed
    -removed health and ammo at the sniper windows
    -more optimization
    -a ton of detailing/texturing
  4. a5 out

    -simplified the catwalk in the main building
    -moved one cover to block unbalanced sightline
    -filled in the really odd cutout with a ramp in the side room
    -changed the health from small to medium in the side building
    -a ton of texturing and detailing
    -added railings
    -added a fence and rock to the right area from spawnw
    -adjusted the rock slightly to the area to the right of spawn
    -added a new side room with another entrance up to the 2nd floor
  5. a4a

    changed name quick so server wont break
  6. area portal fix

    I fixed the area portal leak
  7. Alpha 4 released

    -removed collision on lamps
    -started texturing stuff
    -started some bits of detailing
    -did some optimization with area portals
    -extended covers at mid
    -added more cover to the flank building 'porch'
    -added a lower platfor mand jump route to ressuply
    -added spectator cams
    -changed lighting (again!)
    -redid hazard tape
    -clipped windows to make it wasier for soldier/demomen to get in
  8. alpha 3 released

    -added a couple directional signs
    -made some walls more complex
    -added railings inside main building
    -added some textures
    -did some clipping
    -added some cover at mid
  9. Now a2

    thanks to everyone who played in the past couple days and all the overwhelming positive and supportive feed back. I put together a quick update fixing some main issues that have been pointed out and some other small things as well

    -got rid of blindingly bright light

    -slightly modified displacments so you no longer have to jump to get on to the lower platforms on both sides at mid

    -prevented players from being able to crouch under a ramp in the main building by adding a wall

    -added some...
  10. name change

    changed the name from mill to ades0 as mill has been taken before