norfolk mc15

norfolk mc15 a3

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  • Something not downloading? Download authors read this.
  • Fixed a few clipping-related issues.
  • Redesigned the upper and water areas of mid - Replacing the water route with one on solid ground and making various other changes.
  • Replaced one of the one-way areas by the core with a new path. It's a risky option that goes right past the enemy spawn door, but takes you onto the upper route.
  • Upped the playing-to amount to 225.
  • Adjusted various aspects of geometry to make the map wider, hopefully explosive classes will not be as powerful.
  • Modified some areas so that not every part of the base looks the same. Hopefully this will help with players getting lost.
  • Added patches under mid pickups.
  • Other minor adjustments.


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  • Packed map for real
  • Added some signage to a confusing area
  • Fixed displacement seams
  • Fixed a spec cam issue
  • Adjusted some bad displacement work
  • Additional signage
  • Modified some IO work
  • Repacked
  • Made several areas smaller and cut others, reducing the length of the map slightly
  • Added a dropdown onto the lower route, hopefully to assist defenders
  • Reduced respawn wave times and winning core amount (12 sec -> 9, 300 points -> 200)
  • Various geometry changes
  • Added signs and arrows to help with navigation
  • Lessened height difference of lower area in core room
  • Other minor changes


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