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repacked, saved you like 16mb yw
Fairly conservative final update before the contest deadline, unless I somehow broke everything.

Rocket area
- New route to the top level which doesn't cut through to the rocket area. Closed off the previous route through the chickenwire wall.
- Idea is that now you don't have to enter the rocket area at all to get to the top platform. Trying to make a way up to the strongest position without having to control or go through the rocket area, but still feeling part of the rocket area, was tricky. This new route is also slightly hidden from the top platform so you can't sit up top and watch everything, but it is visible from ground level. So if you're high up, you can't see the ambush coming, but if you're low down and more vulnerable, you can see that someone is about to get high ground over you.

- Fixed the kill trigger on the lift again again.
- The CP prop stays sat on top of the lift now so that should be a good sign the kill trigger sits just below the lift too.​
- Widened the ramp leading to the top area, and made the doorway out to the platform larger.
- Felt cramped, especially the ramp entering the top room.​
- Raised the curved roofs so it can't be easily jumped onto. It's still accessible though, and still too steep to build on.
- Added windows to the shutters.
- Not sure why I didn't do this ages ago. Still wanting to keep the shutters for now to keep this room separated from the main area. Now you can see what you're pushing out into, and how high up the rocket lift is.​
- Cap trigger now surrounds the whole of the rocket top.
- I can't decide if seeing people who have never played doomsday not know how to actually cap is cute, or just frustrating for others on their team.​
- Extra clipping on curbs
Other areas
- Added a full ammo kit next to the tank in the centre room.
- Removed some of the wall around the health kit shack near the flag.
- Fixed minor symmetry mistakes, mainly spotlights not being rotated properly

Thanks for testing! I know special delivery isn't the most popular gamemode, probably for a reason :^)


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Rocket area
- Opened up the wall between the rocket and the centre building.
- Small dropdown and door near the cone linking rocket to centre building.
- Replaced door between the two angled side rooms with a one way window, looking up the ramp. Entrance to the second room is now outside attached to the ramp.
- Swapped positions of small and medium health kits in these side rooms.
- Closed the door from low ground outside spawn into the centre room.
- Added a dropdown from road level.
- Moved single medium health from centre room to be one on each team's side, near the tunnel exit.
- Adjusted the position of the kill trigger under the lift.
- Retextured the lift. It has hazard tape on it so any lift death is 100% fair and not my fault :^)
- Silenced the repeating lift start sound. This was a default doomsday thing apparently, it goes off constantly there too.

- Created more space between the top of the stairs and the spawn exit door.
- Still feels a bit claustrophobic here so may raise the ceiling here.​
- Fixed clipping around spawn.
- Raised one of the roofs by 0.3 hammer units, idk how it ended up like that and idk how someone noticed this.
- Removed resupply cabinet in initial spawn room
- Added full ammo pack outside spawn, middle exit.

Flag area

- Replaced bridge the flag was sat on with a small platform, encouraging people to play in the pit more.
- Rotated the ground around the flag 180° so that it's a slightly less direct walk from rocket to flag.
- Reduced health on road above the flag, increased health under the road near the flag. Hopefully people will be more willing to drop down and not sit on either side of the flag area shooting across.
- Changed the wall in the tunnel into a half-cylinder.
- Lowered kill trigger on grinder.
- Added fences either side of the grinder.
- Cluttered the road




ok ok let's go

- Rerouted spawn exit towards the flag to come out on the curved road.
- Cut off building behind flag (still there, but oob)
- Health/ammo from this room moved forward.
- Rerouted tunnel escape from flag -> rocket to come out in the main centre room.
- Now it's not so disconnected from the rest of the map.
- This has also removed the door through the shack pointing players back towards spawn.
- Moved spawn exit towards the rocket to come out inside the first building around point.
- Easier to get out of spawn if enemies are holding the high ground
- Brings more focus on this side route
- Quicker route up to the top platform to defend the rocket
- Medium health reduced to small health in this room
- Adjusted spawn exits so it's easier to see all options when leaving spawn.
- Diagonal bridges leading to the cap have been made bigger so it's less awkward to walk around on while fighting.
- Walls either side of the rocket have been moved closer.
- Cuts off some unnecessary space between the wall and the rocket and made the 'defending' team have more space to work with around the road.
- There's also more space on top of the ramp leading up from spawn.
- Some of the awkward space below this ramp has been cut off
- Added a route from low ground outside spawn up to the road on the other side of the bus.
- Moved the large pillar outside spawn to the side slightly to better block sightlines.
- Added hazard tape around the grinder.
- Adjusted cover around the flag area to better fit the new routes.
- Added a window to the health room behind the flag to make it more obvious it exists.
- Added lights to the large roof areas around the rocket to better signal that they can be accessed.
- Removed the large signs around the rocket


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- Fixed the kill trigger on the lift
- Adjusted the kill trigger on the grinder
- Added more signs
- Increased the size of the lift
- Added clipping around the lift
- Removed building around the rocket to make the area more open and less susceptible to spam when capping
- Also moved the rocket back slightly, away from the overlooking platform, to block the sightline straight across the area
- Added blockbullets to stairs
- Opened up the shack leading from flag -> rocket that pointed flag carriers towards spawn
- Moved pillar outside of spawn back to open up the area.


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Complete redesign, started from scratch but liked the name/theme so kept it.


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Main issues from a1 were that it was too easy to flank around and appear behind the other team. Routes were confusing and messy. In a2 I tried to simplify some of the areas/routes and limit options.

- Rocketified the cap zone, mid made slightly wider.
- New room overlooking rocket lift
- Simplified area outside of spawns.
- Turned ramp from mid area to diagonal path into a one way door to stop teams flanking too far behind the other team.
- Raised walls from spawn to flag, making it a one way route (other than jumpers)
- Removed some walls around the flag area
- Remade bridge flag spawns on.
- Moved right spawn exit back a bit.
- Added a ramp from river bed up to middle area
- Reduced flag reset time from 15->10 seconds
- Added more signs going from flag -> rocket
- Raised walls at mid so scouts can't jump over them.
- Rotated one way door on red side for no entry sign
- Removed intel particle trail
- Stocked the ambulances
- Cones


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