Nectar a3

hmm yes this grain here is made out of grain

  1. quickie

    - removed a rock
    - replaced a rock with a barrier

    lobby to second:
    - removed a lot of pillars
    - removed the glass window (to stop people from getting so much intel)
    - flattened out the right route
    - made some walls only half height
    - shifted ammo/hp placement

    - added small hp under the point
    - added a shack on the right side
    - created an alley

    lobby to mid:
    - shortened by 96 hu
    - removed a major wall to open it up more
    - increased the height on some of the barriers
    - made the right route exit at a higher point
    - got rid of the windows into mid
    - rotated the left exit

    - lowered the shacks
    - cleaned up some clutter
    - added two containers on each side
    - added balcony on the left route


    1. cp_nectar_a30000.jpg
    2. cp_nectar_a30007.jpg
    3. cp_nectar_a30001.jpg
    4. cp_nectar_a30006.jpg
    5. cp_nectar_a30002.jpg
    6. cp_nectar_a30003.jpg
    7. cp_nectar_a30004.jpg
    8. cp_nectar_a30005.jpg
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