Nectar a3

hmm yes this grain here is made out of grain

  1. back at it again

    - shrunk by 256hu
    - blocked off some sightlines
    - added a balcony

    lobby to second:
    - added barrels to allow for players to get info
    - decreased overall length
    - central exit reworked
    - added some minor height variation

    - redesigned the point to have less height advantage
    - gave lower a quick way to the point
    - added a balcony
    - changed shack
    - brightened the space under the walkways

    lobby to mid:
    - shrunk by 256 hu
    - added an open window for rotations or damage
    - replaced crates with a metal sheet
    - removed a doorway on the left route
    - added window near mid

    - decreased the distance from the furthest exit to the point by 128 hu
    - added towers for soldiers
    - added a right route


    1. cp_nectar_a20000.jpg
    2. cp_nectar_a20001.jpg
    3. cp_nectar_a20002.jpg
    4. cp_nectar_a20003.jpg
    5. cp_nectar_a20004.jpg
    6. cp_nectar_a20006.jpg
    7. cp_nectar_a20007.jpg
    8. cp_nectar_a20008.jpg
    9. cp_nectar_a20009.jpg
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