mvm_2fort 2015-08-29

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mvm_2fort 2015-08-29

Finally a map for MVM in 2Fort!

This is our first public map. Finally a map for MVM in 2Fort! We noticed that there was no mvm_2fort created yet, so we decided to make it. Please take note that this in beta right now and there can be a few bugs and we would appreciate it a lot of you could inform us of these bugs.

- The map removes the resupply so we can keep up with Valve's dickishness of not having one in their original maps.
- The robots spawn in the BLU INTEL room and walk all the way to the bomb deploying area, which is located in the RED INTEL room.
- The robots take different pathways so you can't keep using the same strategy! Most noticeably one going across the bridge and one going across the sewers.
- There are more ammo + health kits scattered around the map, some of them even in the original BLU Spawn areas.
- If you're going to create your own popfile, make sure the giant robots are no bigger then a scale size of 1.2 (includes Sentry Busters) and MAKE SURE you make the giant robots spawn in the spawnbot_special
- If you add Snipers as supports to the map, I recommend making them spawn in spawnbot_mission_sniper to make it more like 2Fort

- I also STRONGLY recommend a full team of six.

It is highly recommended that you download this popfile or the map will get really buggy if you are hosting the map!
Click here for popfile!
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