Mossrock RC5

A jungle 2CP A/D map

  1. Freyja
    Mossrock is a 2CP A/D map (Gorge-Like) jungle map, with deathpits, trains and mind-controlling radio broadcast stations.

    Thanks to:
    Fuzzymellow - Orchid textures, flowers and grass
    E-Arkham - Antiquity trees and skycards
    Alligator - Grassy rocks


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Recent Reviews

  1. Snufflepus Penguin
    Snufflepus Penguin
    Version: RC5
    A reskin of Whiterock. A decent map, but very sniper friendly, and lack of flanking routes for BLU team. In fact, RED actually gains some flanking routes, which is not the best design. Point A takes far too long to cap. Point B is very difficult for offense, and the RED spawn is too close. The train makes it even harder for BLU to properly cap, as they need to squeeze onto one very small area.

    I do love the little secrets, like the broken stair near A allows for some creative placements.