Mossrock RC5

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Mossrock RC5

A jungle 2CP A/D map

Mossrock is a 2CP A/D map (Gorge-Like) jungle map, with deathpits, trains and mind-controlling radio broadcast stations.

Thanks to:
Fuzzymellow - Orchid textures, flowers and grass
E-Arkham - Antiquity trees and skycards
Alligator - Grassy rocks
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
4.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. RC 5

    - Added soundscapes (thanks void!) - Fixed cubemaps - Improved 3d skybox - Added some foliage from Pear - Fixed exploits where engineer could build outside the map - Improved clipping

Latest reviews

I remember seeing this map start from Keikoku, to Whiterock, and finally to Mossrock. I first thought the aesthetic change was just a lazy reach to enter in the Jungle update. Yet revisiting Whiterock I think the visuals improved greatly finding its own identity instead of a barren Upward-esque canyon. There were also some strong, unique objective designs that are welcome into the official roster.

I find it hit or miss sometimes when it plays out in pubs, where defending A relies on the BLU side of the bridge and teams neglect paths or positions due to the sheer size of the objective area. There are also some obscure Sniper sightlines in places you don't realize are dangerous, which results in an unfair death it feels.

I like B with the train acting as cover for the BLU team to push with, pretty clever. It does take a fair amount of teamwork to approach or for teams to see their advantage, but I don't think it's fair to fault how most players play the map. Specifically attackers ignoring shutter doors and mostly pushing from the long building with a harsh Sniper sightline on the opposite end. I do find it well made, yet perhaps a one-trick pony as a player coming back over and over to Mossrock.

Sometimes I prefer other A/D maps over Mossrock and I don't want to deal with the sniper sightlines or want a heavy teamplay map to cap points. Conversely, those same points make the map enjoyable. I love the open space at A, it feels made for the Jetpack unlock. Flanking under the canyon can be a big payoff if risky with a sniper around. Taking space feels rewarding, and the push to B with the train blocking RED spawns reminds me of Freight or Cactus Canyon.
A reskin of Whiterock. A decent map, but very sniper friendly, and lack of flanking routes for BLU team. In fact, RED actually gains some flanking routes, which is not the best design. Point A takes far too long to cap. Point B is very difficult for offense, and the RED spawn is too close. The train makes it even harder for BLU to properly cap, as they need to squeeze onto one very small area.

I do love the little secrets, like the broken stair near A allows for some creative placements.