meatgrinder a2

Leap into danger! Feed yourself to the meatgrinder!

  1. bluewatermelonexplosion
    This is my first release of this map, currently named meatgrinder, for its grueling center play. This is my first map, so please send a barrage of criticism my way.

    To capture the point, at least some of the attackers must leave the high ground, only able to retreat into tunnels which also act as a flank route.

    Bombard from the high positions, but watch out for flank attacks aiming to give those who take a more head-on approach a better chance at surviving in the pit!

    Maybe "king of the hill" is a little misleading since the point is at the bottom... 20170820202652_1.jpg 20170820202517_1.jpg 20170820202309_1.jpg

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  1. koth_meatgrinder_a2 quick update

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  1. corpsgrinder360
    Version: a2
    sounds and looks lime my kind of map >:)