Mayann Oil Torch Fire V1

Fire for a giant oil torch

  1. Tacoman_
    The white dot in the middle of the fire represents the center of the particle system, its there for reference only and doesn't actually show up on the real thing. (You can use it to guide the placement of the particle in your map)

    The fire is very big and detailed. I wouldn't recommend using it on small torches.
    You should also avoid using the expensive version very often, it has a total of 90 individual particles.

    Particle System Names;
    mayann_torch - Default torch shown in the Picture, High quality
    mayann_torch_cheap - Same as the default, Low quality, 40 individual particles
    mayann_torch_skybox - Same as Cheap, scaled down to 1/16

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  1. Anonymous
    Version: V1
    its look cool in sfm!