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Manngrove rc


Manngrove Marsh (PL) (Release Candidate)
by Reid "R!ghteous" Hansen

Currently: Release Candidate 5

As the payload plods its course through Manngrove Marsh you can rest assured it's going to be a bumpy ride.
The focus of this map is to provide players with a complex, yet refined, approach to the payload game type. While the path of the cart provides a clear focal point, the numerous and diverse access points ensure that a skilled player will be able to outmaneuver or directly overpower the opposition. Additionally, this map attempts to revitalize the concept of base infiltration as the Blu team moves from the Red team’s façade to deep inside the Red rocket base, all the while, pleasing the player’s eye.

To win BLU team must escort a cart full of explosives through a series of checkpoints and into RED's base within a certain amount of time.
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4.50 star(s) 4 ratings

Latest reviews

Neat! Will credit you and add this to my server!
A bit of a tight map, but the level of detail is superb. Very well made!
A criminally underrated map! (With some issues).
It is a fantastic map overall, with a beautiful aesthetic theme (especially the explosion animation on last), great height variation, (mostly) nice push areas, good class diversity and great flank opportunities!
However, there is a significant lack of forward spawns (especially after the second checkpoint), the push after the second point is extremely chokey, the box-pile staircase is rather silly and should be replaced by an actual staircase, and while the dropdown hatch spawn exit at the first spawn looks cool it is unnecessary and is inferior to a normal exit (as BLU cannot get back in through it).
Issues aside, I love this map, and more people should take note of it!
You REALLY need to post this to the steam workshop so more ppl see man, it is stellar stuff!
(BTW what skybox did you use?)
Great design but rather unoptimized at some points.