MannCoMine b26

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-made the stairs up to higher ground make more sense and look better

-Moved sniper nerf obstruction to the opposite side and is now repurposed as cover

-added democharge ramps(will be tweaked later)

-added attic area in gaben house

-started optimizing level
-added nodraws
-added some skyboxes

The next update will most likely be about optimization.
-Made the wall gaben a house with connections with the recently added buildings

-packed textures(they should be packed)
well I posted the download as a nav file XD
-Made the sniper nerf wall natural
-added a whole other part to the towers on each side
-added clipping
-added textures
-forgot everything else
-added attic in the side towers(towers no longer have holes as the roof)

-replaced some dev textures and aligned the new ones
-made sightline nerf wall smaller

-added nobuild zones(in underwater area)

-added clipping and block bullets

-added health and ammo
I updated things |:D

-Added wall to balance out sniper sightlines(This might also nerf the other classes so I need feedback for this change)

-added underwater passage for sneaky people

-updated clipping

-name updated to MannCoMineCave_(version)
-Added Minor Clipping

-Made floor a Displacement

-Fully Optimized and clipped Gaben's Picture Frame

-Starting to replace dev textures